Wednesday, July 23, 2008

FotoSketcher 1.6 is released

Version 1.6 of FotoSketcher is now ready for download (at

(photo credit : Stock Xchng)

Here are some of the new features in this release :
- more options to improve source image (resample to desktop size, simplify, increase contrast...)
- new rendering : painting 3 (median + bilateral filtering)
- full screen preview (by double-clicking the drawing)
- clipboard support (copy and paste)
- optimized painting 2 rendering (almost 40% speed increase from version 1.5)
- set as wallpaper function
- colour frames: if a white frame is chosen, a cutout effect is applied. If a different frame colour is selected, a white edging is applied.

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Anonymous said...

Hi David! Wow! How did you do that landscape picture? It would be nice if you would publish every step that you made to all of your awesome pictures. I love them, really, but when I use the Effets the results of my tries aren't that comparible to yours. Thank you very much!

David said...

Hi Chrillinho,

I'm glad you like FotoSketcher and I've wanted for a long time to create a tutorial (and I will definitely make a proper help file someday...).

I will soon write a full post on this blog on how to use many of the features of FotoSketcher. This will be a step by step tutorial, so your wish will be granted!

However, I'm busy finishing a new version of FotoSketcher, which will have a slightly different interface (lighter colours, icon bar, rearranged menus...).

I will therefore write the tutorial for the new version, when it is released (hopefully in a few weeks' time).

Best regards,