Sunday, January 3, 2010

FotoSketcher 1.95 officially released

Hello all,

After a few modifications (thanks to Kempton and Diane for their beta testing!) I have finally released FotoSketcher 1.95 (available from

I hope you'll like the new version.

Here is an example from a HDR photo found on Stock.xchng (thanks to John Nyberg for making it available for free):

The worflow is as follows (I have mostly kept the default parameters):
- Pencil sketch 3 + merge source and result image
- F12 (to use the drawing as source image)
- Watercolor + merge source and result image
- F12 (to use the drawing as source image)
- Vivify photo + merge source and result image + triptych frame + texture 1

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this is just wonderful! Thank you very much. Out of curiosity, what programming language did you wrote the program in? I also love the fact that it's a stand alone program without any libraries or any other files.

David said...


Thanks a lot for your comment. I develop FotoSketcher in Turbo Delphi (based on the Pascal language), which I find rather powerful and easy to understand. The only drawback is that it is a Windows only development platform (no Mac or Linux).

Goemon said...

Thank you for this SW!!!

David said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you like FotoSketcher.

Matera the Mad said...

Unbelievable. I've produced some pretty good fake watercolors by toruring photos with IrfanView, applying various 8bf filters one after another, but now I've been left in the dust with a few clicks.

And on top of all that it's completely portable! This is w00tness out of control. You're a genius. Or an angel. Or something.

David said...

Hi Matera,

Thanks for your laudatory comment. I'm glad you're happy with FotoSketcher :-)

And I'm no genius, nor an angel! Definitely a something, then ;-)

Brice Tribbiani said...

Respect man, your program is awesome!
Made a few sketches just in 30 seconds with default options, look great to me. Feel free to take to your gallery if you like -

David said...

Hi Brice,

Thanks for your appreciation! I don't update my gallery very often, but a user has kindly created a FotoSketcher group on Flickr ( where you are most welcome to post some of your sketches. There are some great examples there.

Tuzz said...

We are loving this program more and more. What are your plans for 2.0? If you need a beta tester I would be happy to be one.

David said...

Hi Tuzz,

Thanks for your kind comment and for your offer to beta test version 2.0.

I have lots of plans for version 2.0 as I want it to be a really major new version.

The main idea I'm currently toying with is to make FotoSketcher a multi-platform program (for PCs, Linux and Macs). This means a complete rewrite, which is a rather daunting prospect.

Since FotoSketcher is developed in Turbo Delphi (Windows only), I am currently testing a new development environment called Lazarus. I have just created a Linux version of the FotoSketcher interface, and it worked! But there is still a long road ahead...

Tuzz said...

what is the status of version 2.0?

David said...

Hi Tuzz,

I'm currently working on a new algorithm based on the Kuwahara filter (see for more information).

Here is an early example using this filter:

I am also in the process of rewriting FotoSketcher from scratch in a new development environment called Lazarus (which is multi-platform -
I'll post some screenshots soon.

Best regards,