Thursday, June 24, 2010

FotoSketcher 1.97 officially released

Hi all,

FotoSketcher 1.97 is now officially released and can be downloaded from

The new feature in this version is the "Oil Pastel Sketch" effect. Here is an example (original photo credit

And here are the parameters I used:

Have fun :-)



Anonymous said...

1.97 avec installateur ??? ou ça ...!!!

David said...


Il vous suffit d'aller à la page et cliquer sur le premier lien.


Anonymous said...

Merci pour la réponse , mais chez moi la fonction avec installateur est inopérante !!!??? elle est identique à portable....

David said...

Oups ! Je me suis mélangé les pinceaux (ha, ha).

Oui, effectivement les deux versions étaient identiques. C'est désormais corrigé ;-)

Merci de m'avoir prévenu.

Anonymous said...

Paris 10h50 , idem avec le lien :

David said...

Attention, il faut effacer du PC les anciennes versions téléchargées de FotoSketcher 1.97 et redémarrer le navigateur Internet.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is wonderful! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Ça y est!

Angelo said...

this software is the greatest I've ever seen!!!!!!
when you think try to do the mac os version?

David said...

I'm glad you're enjoying FotoSketcher.

To Angelo: I will hopefully be able to release a Mac version by the end of the year. I'm waiting for the multiplatform version of my programming environment, Delphi, which will allow me to compile for Macs and Linux as well as Windows (I'm currently saving to buy Delphi 2011 when it comes out, hoping it won't cost an arm...).

Sue said...

Dear David
Thank you for a wonderful piece of software. I love art, but am totally useless at it, and your program satisfies a need because it creates something beautiful without depending on my skills - or lack of them.

Angelo said...

thanks David!!!
I hope you'll do as soon as possible.
Is it possible to support your work? because I think you have to continue your job in this way.
have a nice day!!!!

David said...

Hi Sue,

Thank your for your nice comment. I'm really happy that you like FotoSketcher.

Hi Angelo,

I will definitely continue to develop FotoSketcher!

For those who are willing to support the development of FotoSketcher, here is a link to donate via Paypal:

Thanks everyone for their support :-)

Best regards,


Targeting ChangeWorks! said...

I love your program and just wish I could add more than one line of text.

Targeting ChangeWorks! said...

David, I found it: How to add more text. Just save and reopen and add text. How easy. How simple. What a great program.

David said...

Thank you ;-)

pinkfreud said...

this is one of the best sketching/paint programs i've ever used, and i intend holding onto it for as long as possible. fabulous work, and the oil pastel sketch looks promising. thanks for your effort.

David said...

Thank you for your nice comment ;-)

Barry Ayton said...

Yep, I agree with all the posters, brilliant work.

Would you like some ideas to branch out on?

A) User selectable bmp brushes (greyscale bmp where white is brush, grey is transparent brush, black is no-brush (re: Photoshop Impressionist plugin) - that would be truly awesome to have changable brushes with your paint algorithms!

B) Having the direction of brush stroke lay-down be defined by the hue of the pixel under it (so all sky strokes go one way with minor variations, etc)

C) same as B), but use luminosity channel of image?

David said...

Hi Barry,

I like your ideas and had indeed been thinking along those lines too.
User brushes is an idea I have been toying with. As for brushstrokes orientation, I am working on that (funnily enough hue-related orientation is actually already used for texture placement in the Painting 6 algorithm).
I am currently finishing a full undo/redo feature (with internal image compression to save memory) and I've added the German language as well.

XarquS said...

Et Video Sketcher? C'ést possible ça?

Mais oui!

Merci Mr. Thoiron pour FotoSketcher.

David said...

Great job with the video, XarquS!