Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Testing new ideas

Hi all,

I'm currently experimenting (fooling around) with new algorithms ideas. Here is an example on the famous parrot:
It's early days yet, but I think it could be promising.

All the best,



Unknown said...

Has a watercolour look to it. Particularly like the edging here, David. Look forward to the final version.

Thanks for continuing to improve and expand a really great product!

Zakir said...

Hi David

Liking the new effect cant wait for the final version and use it

Zakir said...

Hi David

it will be good if we can save our pictures in high resolution quality like HD

David said...

Thanks Gene and Zakir.

As for your question, Zakir, I presume you're talking about DPI? For the time being, FotoSketcher does not support different DPI parameters for printing, but you can save in any resolution you like (in pixels).

Henag said...

Hello David,

What great testing ideas!
Love to see these new ideas become reality in the near future as I just downloaded the beta V2.2 today and wondering is it possible to have edge around perimeter of picture can be painted with custom brushes and give it a little different exciting look than traditional look (solid edge)???
Thanks so much!

David said...

Hi Henag,

Yes, I think that's possible with version 2.20. First, run your desired effect and add a simple (solid colour) frame. Then press F12 to use the framed image as your new source image. Finally,choose painting 7 or 8 effect, load your custom brush and paint the frame area with the new retouch brush tool. I hope that's what you had in mind.