Friday, January 11, 2013

FotoSketcher 2.40 beta available (updated)

Hi all,

I have just finished a beta version of FotoSketcher 2.40. You can download it here:

Here are some of the new features:
- new script engine to automatically apply and merge multiple effects
- new interface (rewritten from scratch to try and avoid bugs)
- support for dpi setting in jpg images
- possibility to save a picture during processing
- better directory management (keeping track of current open, save and manual brushes directories)

In order to try the new script function, you can download a test script here (right-click on link and choose "save target as"):

You can of course create your own scripts and save them. I have tried to make the interface self explanatory, but don't hesitate to let me know if it is confusing. When I find the courage time, I will post a tutorial on how to use the script engine.

As usual, I welcome your feedback and would be interested in knowing if you find any bugs.

All the best,



Merv said...

Hi David:

You've been busy ! Wow amazing progress with new version

WindowsXP: Tried to save test script file using right 'save as' option. Copied your test script and saved it as text script_1.fss. Loaded script but left hand operations shows but not the parameters. Script created from scatch works. Does 'store' create a temp work file?

Not sure how to activate 'save a picture during processing' feature apart from ctrl/save.

Did cursory review. Great work in a reasonably short time!


Casey Fluffbutt said...

Brilliant work.
Love the "courage" joke too.


Can you save scripts from within FS, generated from what you're doing?

Or are the scripts only made externally and then opened in Fs to be acted on?

I'm not sure that worded properly.. I'm asking if FS creates the scripts itself.


David said...

Hi Merv and Casey!
Thank you for feedback :-)
-> Merv: I corrected my post. You have to choose "save target as" in order to save the script file.
The STore command in the script engine does indeed save the image to a temporary bitmap that can be retrieved at a later time. It can be quite powerful since you can restore the image you saved to either panel.
As for the saving a picture while processing, it is simply a new menu item ("save the drawing as..." ) when you are running an effect.
-> Casey: You can indeed create a script from within FS itself. That is actually the recommended way. To do so, simply open the script window (the parameters window will automatically open if needed) and click on the first line of the script table. A popup menu will appear with all available commands. The first one 'Add current effect' will create a script line with the currently selected effect and with the current parameters. If you want to change a parameter you can either click on its value or simply choose "Add current effect" with different parameters.

ajs said...

The new version looks good, however can you reduce the height of the script dialog so that it fits on a netbook screen.


David said...

Yes, that's a good idea. Thank you for your suggestion. I'll change the window height in my next beta.

David said...

The new beta (2.40b) is now live.