Sunday, September 21, 2014

New preview zoom feature - sneak peek ***updated***

Hi all,

Just a quick word to let you know that I'm currently working on a new feature, which many of you have asked for: a zooming function for the preview window.

Here is an early screenshot:

This will allow you to get a preview of the current effect over a larger portion of the source image.

5th october 2014 update: 
The new zooming function is now finished and works. It allows you to zoom from 10% to 100% in the preview window. However, I still need to make a few modifications to some of the effects, as previewing at 10% zoom means processing a 2000x2000 pixel area (the preview window is 200x200 pixels) which can be slow for some effects. Sometimes FotoSketcher will be unresponsive during previewing, so I need to address this issue.
BTW, I have also corrected a small bug which prevents users from typing the letters 'r' or 'l' in the text tool.

Best regards,



David said...

Hi Casey,

Thank you for your enthusiasm :)
Impasto is actually pretty hard to simulate convincingly, but I am still thinking about it.
As for DAP, it is one of the best photo to art programs out there. It is certainly an inspiration for me (ever since I saw the original program Arcimbolder).



Peter (BC, Canada) said...

IMPASTO! Did someone mention impasto?

David, I know one of these days you'll find a way to implement it.

Just hope it's before my 80th birthday :-)

David said...

Well, Peter, if you're not 79 yet, there is hope ;)

Tomasz Migdałek said...

Hi, I cannot type letters "r" and "l" in text tool. Why? Nevertheless I need to type this letters. I don't understand this change, it looks a little absurd...

David said...

Hi Tomasz,

I believe you may have missed the updated text in my post above: "BTW, I have also corrected a small bug which prevents users from typing the letters 'r' or 'l' in the text tool."
This bug is annoying and will be corrected in the next release. In the meantime, here is a simple workaround: just type your text in Notepad or Word and paste it into FotoSketcher.



Tomasz Migdałek said...

@David - Thanks, now everything is clear :) Besides, app is great and extremely helpful :)

David said...

You're welcome, Tomasz :-)
Hopefully I will be able to upload a new beta version this weekend.