Monday, February 16, 2015

FotoSketcher 3.00 early preview *** updated ***

Dear all,

If you like to be at the bleeding edge, here is an early alpha version of FotoSketcher 3.00, with a brand new painting effect:

The new effect Painting 10 (brushstrokes) is functional and nearly finalized. I have not had time to integrate it in the script engine or the manual brush* yet, but if you only use it from the main drawing screen, you should be fine.

Here is an example of the effect:

Have fun :-)

Best regards,


* as of 02/22 the manual brush is now functional with Painting 10
* as of 02/23 the code for Painting 10 has been optimized (33% faster) - still a bit slow ;-)

New example:


Casey said...

That's an impressive piece of work there.
I like the way you've done it - it looks like you're creating brushes on-the-fly from the image then painting with them.

Bug report, maybe:

Luminosity doesn't seem to do anything - is it connected up or maybe it's too limited in range?

Edit - tested saturation too - it doesn't change the picture from 0 to 255 (the strokes change between pictures, but luminosity an sat are the same).

Either they're not connected up to work yet or their range is too small.

A tester for you:

I DO like the way you've handled the flat areas - that sky looks great!

Anonymous said...

Any plans for a 64Bit Version? I recently tried to Sketch a 2x3 Meter Picture and quickly reached a point where FotoSketcher was just crashing all over the place. Then i manually enabled Support for more Ram-Usage (< 2GB) in the Exe-File (just for testing purposes) and it worked almost fine ... still some crashes here and there. Hope this will be added soon, i like Fotosketcher alot. Greetings

David said...

-> Casey:
Thanks for your feedback. Luminosity and saturation are not activated yet, but will be soon. As for your example, that must have taken a long time to render! I'll see if I can optimize my code a bit further :)
-> Anonymous:
I should be able to compile a 64bit version. I don't know if it will help with larger images, but it might be worth a try.

Casey said...

(yeah.. quite a Looooooooooong time to render)


*Runs away, giggling*

David said...

I've actually managed to make it even slower...

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful - I'm in awe of what you achieve - thank you for making it available to others

Casey said...


I wish I could meet you and shake your hand there!

I love it when life does that to you. It's like wiping the windows clean with that forgotten oily rag..

As an aside:

With some version post 3.xx, is there any chance of having a blend mode, a la "layers".

Like this:

- Do work (say, Painting 1)
- F12 to swap sides
- Do different work (maybe Painting 7)- now left is work 1, right is work 2

- Blend left and right with overlay/softlight, hard light, screen, etc.

Like Photoshop does, but without the more useless effects like negative and pin light, etc..
(I know you already have a blending system, but overlay/screen/softlight/hardlight are very useful).

I refer you to LazPaint 62 - a free photo editor with layer support and layer blend modes.. maybe you could use that library?

Unknown said...

Hi David,
Tried the new painting effect on a portrait image. It hangs after 4%. Using Win 7 x64.
Keep up the great work.

David said...

-> Anonymous: Thank you :-)
-> Casey: I was not familiar with overlay/softlight, hard light or screen blending but will look into it.
-> Kempton: The new effect is very processor intensive, so maybe you could try with a smaller image and see if it works. I'm currently looking at ways to optimize the algorithm.

Unknown said...

Hi David,

Yes, a much smaller picture works OK.

David said...

That's good news, thank you for your feedback.

Casey said...

Re: Alpha 3

I see that you've changed some of the controls there - nice to see a "strength" slider.

I notice something - one pass gives good results.. but a second pass (F12 to swap the images then run again with smaller brush and more iterations) removes all the thick wide strokes and gives it a definite "old masters" look.

Refer here:

One pass:

Still a great image. Note the semi-water strokes in the left hand bushes.

Two pass:

Note the smaller strokes with more random (yet still following the image "feel") strokes to cover the fatter previous strokes.

It looks almost Impasto now... with a touch of Renoir.

David said...

Nice example, Casey! May I say that I'm rather pleased with the way this new effect turned out ;-) Not perfect, of course but quite artistic on some images. A stable release candidate is almost ready and I will post in the next couple of days.