Sunday, January 30, 2022

Some news on FotoSketcher 3.90 (Windows) and 4.00 (Windows and MacOS)

Dear all,

I haven't posted here in quite a while and an update is long overdue! 

Lately, I have been working on the brand new multi-platform version of FotoSketcher (Windows and MacOS).

For MacOS, I have finally made progress with regards to the Apple certification and notarization process, so if you have a Mac and want to try a very (very) early version of FotoSketcher 4.00, you can download the following file:

Tip: you might need to allow apps from certified developers (in your MacOS preferences/security settings).

Here is a screenhot of FotoSketcher running on MacOS Monterey (Apple M1 MacBook Air):


And here is a screenshot on Windows 10:

Before I can release the new multi-platform version, I will update the current one to 3.90 (Windows only) to add language and bug corrections.

And as it is still January, I have time to wish you all a Happy New Year :)

All the best,



rod oakley said...

any chance of a Script tutorial or blog some scripts

David said...

Hi Rod,
I did not get round creating a tutorial for the script feature, but you can download some examples from this blog (e.g.

Ronald said...

Hi David, do we know when will Fotosketcher be able to handle images with transparent background? I feel we've been waiting for this for so long now. It would be great to have an idea of when we can expect the software to handle this. Thanks!

Dayspring Technical Support Services said...

05-14-2022 Looking for the directions for creating a contact sheet in the Windows Version still on ver 3.80 The help section on the website does not provide this info. Thanks For continuing to work on this app.

js said...


Very excited to discover you are working a Mac OS version. I switched platforms to Mac about a year ago and dearly miss your fantastic little app.

I have tried your beta (v4.0) version and looks great and gives a strong sense of things to come.

Best regards

David said...

@js: a new MacOS version is available (
@DTSS: not sure what you are trying to achieve... Can you send me a email at and I'll look into it.
@Ronald, FotoSketcher 4.0 has limited support for the alpha channel (pencil sketch 1 and painting 1).

Diana said...

David, is the FotoSketcher for Mac offered free on the Uptodown website authorized by you, or is it different than the one you are developing?
A Fan,
Diana Day

David said...

Hi Diana,
No the UpToDown version is an old Windows version, mis-categorized in the MacOS programs.
The experimental MacOS version is still available at
If you want to run FotoSketcher on MacOS, I recommend using the Windows version, together with (which is also free).