Tuesday, April 11, 2023

FotoSketcher 3.90 beta 1.2 available

Hi all,

After some (well, actually a lot of) tweaking, optimizing and debugging, a brand new beta version of FotoSketcher 3.90 for Windows is now available for testing. 

You can download it here: https://fotosketcher.com/FotoSketcher_3.90_beta1.2.exe

As always, your feedback is welcome and invaluable :)

Original photo credit: Juan Pablo Mascanfroni on unsplash.com

Have fun!



ValeroStudio said...

I had a chance to test the 1.2 beta and I am happy to see the old interface back since the last time I tested. I LOVE that you can now turn off Erase background on Painting 9 and combine it with other filters, such as Painting 5. This opens many doors for new effects. Since watercolor is really my focus, I really am liking this a lot.

I tried to load a saved preset for 3.8 and it would not load, I am not sure if that's a bug but I do have a little library of settings that I like and would be sad if I lost of them.

Paiting 10 is very interesting, as others have stated it's quite slow, but that might just be the nature of its complexity. I would love to be able to insert a cancel time into scripting. For example, run Painting 10 until 60% then cancel and run Painting 9 with erase background off.

This is all looking very good! Thank you for your hard work.

David said...

Thank you for your feedback. Good point about the presets, I checked and indeed the fact that there is new effect has broken compatibility. I should be able to correct this before releasing the official 3.90.
As for adding a "interrupt effect at x%" in the script engine, that's a neat idea, I'll look into it.
Best regards,

Unknown said...

Hi David,

Would it be possible to keep the last setting when I do an action. For ex., I open a picture on the C: drive from the folder C:\(username)\Pictures\photo1.jpg
then I create a script that I save in D:\Fotosketcher Scripts\Script1.fss

After the effect is done, I save my newly created painting in D:\Fotosketcher Paintings\photo1_edited.jpg.

Now, what bugs me if that if I want to use another picture, the last saved folder is shown (D: drive), but all my original pictures are on the C: drive. So, I have to retrace my steps, and go back to C: to get my new picture.

Now, I want to use my last created script, and when I load the script, I'm not in my script folder, but still in my picture folder. I have to go on the D: drive to load my script, process it and to save my newly edited picture, I have to (once more) retrace my steps to the folder where I save all my Fotosketcher paintings.

It's a bit cumbersome when I want to try the script effect on 15 or 20 pictures... I'm exhausted! 😉

Is there a way to always keep the last folder, for each category (original photos, scripts, edited paintings), in memory?

I hope I was able to explain the situation correctly. (I can always write it in French, my native language.)