Sunday, April 30, 2023

FotoSketcher 3.90 is officially released (Windows version)

Hi all!

FotoSketcher 3.90 for Windows is now officially released!

Head over to to download either the standalone version (no need to install, just run the .exe file) or the version with setup.

Both versions have been digitally signed in order to avoid Windows blocking the download.

Here is a list of all changes and improvements in this release:

Main bug fixes:

  • preview would not update when changing a parameter value
  • issues when minimizing of the parameter window
  • issues with image rotation
  • program freeze when going to the website from the "About window"
  • program would sometimes freeze when changing the opacity of text

New features:

  • New Painting 11 advanced painterly effect, which allows custom brushes (transparent png images) 
  • In addition to Painting 4, possibility to run Painting 9 (watercolor) and the new Painting 11 on the current image, without starting from a blank canvas. This allows much more versatility and is supported in the scripting engine
  • Parameter files and script files made with older versions of FotoSketcher can be loaded
  • Directories for loading and saving images are saved, allowing easier navigation 
  • Directories for loading and saving scripts and custom brushes are also saved

FotoSketcher 3.90 for Windows remains 100% free, even for commercial work (e.g. selling your images produced with FotoSketcher. No royalty or attribution necessary).

Here is an example made with FotoSketcher 3.90 using the new Painting 11 effect, followed by the Painting 9 effect (with the new "Don't erase background" checkbox ticked).

Have fun!


P.S. Should you wish to support the development of FotoSketcher, you can buy me a nice cup of coffee via PayPal or become a patron on Patreon :)


Glenn Galen said...

Photo sketcher is still one of my main tools in my pipeline. It is an absolutely wonderful program. If you learn to use it in an advanced way, using different paint styles with the manual brush and mixing and matching things artistically, you can do absolutely wonderful creative artwork.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave ! 💖🙏😎👍....all best

David said...

Thank you!

Unknown said...

i can"t copy paste in Affinity version 2,it's normal in Affinity version 1 possible
thanks in advance
regards charles janga

David said...

Hi Charles,
Copy to clipboard in FotoSketcher has not changed since previous versions and seems to work well with most applications.
Maybe this will help?
Best regards,

Christian Segonne said...

merci David, du bon travail, bonne journée👍🖐

David said...

Merci Christian ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanted to say big thank you for your work. Program is great!

David said...

Thank you! I'm glad that you like FotoSketcher :)

Noiecity Hack The Game said...

How do I get a 32 bit version of this program? good job with the program

David said...

Thank you for your comment. You can download the 32bit version here:
Best regards,

Noiecity Hack The Game said...

Thank you!

Stiri STES Romania said...

Wow, that is cool.

David said...

Thank you! Glad that you like FotoSketcher :)

beta said...

Hello, I really like the software you created. It's really great! But I encountered a problem during the use process. It seems that he cannot recognize the transparency of the image. Is there any way to store transparent PNG.thank you.

David said...

Hi beta,

Thank you for your comment. The current Windows version does not support alpha channels (transparency).
However, the future multiplatform version (MacOS + Windows) will retain transparency on some effects.

Totoro said...

Is there an option to save the alpha channel when saving a finished (processed) image?

Tigran said...

Hi David!
Just discovered your wonderful software through a video on YouTube!

I am Mac M1 user and unfortunately the alpha version is not working for me at all.
I can only see the picture of the parrot and no UI

Is a workaround to solve this ?

thank you so much for releasing your work for free
will make sure to donate a little, once a stable build for Mac comes out said...

In the past 5 hours, since the installation, I have created the purest works of art from my best snapshots. From zero to Picasso in just a few hours, so to speak, and if I passed the pictures off as my own, I'm sure nobody would notice my cheating. This software is amazingly good!

Mille grazie, Claudio!

David said...

@Totoro: sorry, there is no way to save the alpha channel (FotoSketcher works internally on 24bit RGB bitmaps).
@Tigran: The experimental Mac version of FotoSketcher is unfortunately buggy and more of a Proof Of Concept at this stage. However, there is good news, you can run the Windows version of FotoSKetcher on MacOS for free, with
I have tested on a Mac M1 and it works well.
@Hans and @Claudio: thank you so much! But don't cheat ;) Tell people you used this nice piece of free software called FotoSketcher, LOL

Best regards to all,


Tigran said...

Thank you dear David for getting back to me.

Never heard about WhiskyApp before. That was super helpful.
Your software is phenomenal. Painting 4 is my favourite brush.
Anyhow as was promised I sent you a small donation.

Hoping you could release a native Mac M1 version at some point.
Knowing that historically Mac community is very design/art oriented I am sure you'll have a huge success there too.

David said...

@Tigran: Thank you very much for your feedback and for buying me some nice coffee!
I'm glad that you could use the WhiskyApp to run FotoSketcher on your Mac M1.